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At Aviva, you’re guaranteed a comprehensive deal on personal accident insurance. But we understand everyone has different needs, so we have made it flexible enough for you to choose from Personal Accident Lite, Personal Accident Standard and Personal Accident Plus plans. To see which personal accident insurance coverage is right for you, click “More” to find out about each feature.

Policy Feature Maximum amount payable per named insured adult
Personal Accident Cover Plus Standard Lite
Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement
  • Pays in accordance with the schedule of compensation under Section 1 of the policy for any Accidental Injury leading directly to death or Permanent Disablement within 365 days of the Accident.
S$300,000 S$200,000 S$100,000
Medical Expenses for Accidental Injury
  • Reimburses for treatment of your Accidental Injury at a Hospital or by a Doctor.
  • Includes cover for treatment by a registered Traditional Chinese physician or chiropractor at the following sub-limits:
Daily Hospital Allowance (up to 30 days)
  • Pays for each complete 24-hour period that You are confined as an in-patient at a Hospital for the sole purpose of treatment of Your Accidental Injury.
S$200/day S$100/day S$50/day
Personal Liability
  • Reimburses for any Accidental bodily injury or damage to third party property caused by You.
S$300,000 S$200,000 S$100,000
Optional benefits (applicable if shown on Your Schedule) Maximum amount payable per named insured adult
Weekly Temporary Disablement Benefit (up to 104 weeks)
  • Pays for each complete 7-day period that you remain continuously disabled due solely and directly to Your Accidental Injury and unable to attend to more than 50% of the normal duties of Your gainful employment.
Up to S$200/week
(as indicated on your policy Schedule)
Mobility Aid and Ambulance Services Reimbursement
  • Reimburses for mobility aid prescribed by Your Doctor and any necessary ambulance services incurred as a sole and direct result of Your Accidental Injury.

* Please refer to the policy document for definitions of the words in bold and the detailed terms and conditions.

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