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Someday, you’ll be ready to retire. To sleep through rush hour traffic, and enjoy a long-deserved holiday. Or will you?

The reality is, most of us have not put enough thought – and investment – into retirement planning. Everything you wish for your retirement is dependent on your contributions in the present. So it’s important that you plan your retirement early.

  • MyRetirementChoice

    MyRetirementChoice is a plan that empowers you to retire whenever you want and gives you plenty of income payout options to suit the retirement lifestyle of your dreams.

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  • MyRetirement Plus

    MyRetirement Plus is a plan that not only guarantees a monthly retirement income at your desired retirement age, but also increases every year to help you meet the rising cost of living and supplement your CPF savings.

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  • MyRetirement

    MyRetirement is a retirement plan that's simple, safe and sure. It's not just capital guaranteed – it also offers higher returns. Just what you need - especially when the CPF might not be enough.

    Comes with the option to enhance your coverage with Critical Illness Premium Waiver, Payer Critical Illness Premium Waiver, EasyTerm and/or Cancer Premium Waiver riders!

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  • MyIncomePlus

    Rest easy with MyIncomePlus – plan for a steady monthly income stream that starts at or before your retirement age.

    Maximize your savings in ways that work easily and flexibly for you!

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  • Retirement 101

    Have you considered inflation, rising cost of necessities and increasing longevity? Retirement planning isn’t simply about having a plan. It’s about having the right plan for your future lifestyle and needs.

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