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Selected Fees and Charges are based on the agreement made between you and your Financial Adviser Representative. The Fee Option selected and subject to the maximum fee limits as prescribed by Navigator from time to time.

Other Fees and Charges may apply to particular investments made with certain Fund Managers and are payable according to the rates disclosed in the relevant fund prospectus.

All Fees and Charges are payable to Navigator, and will be deducted from the relevant account when they become due.

Source of funds Account Type Upfront Fee Switch Fee Ongoing and Platform* Fee
  • Cash
  • SRS
Wrap 0 – 5% 0.15% – 2.0%
Non Wrap 0 – 5% 0 – 5%
CPF OA monies
CPF SA monies
Wrap 0 – 2.8% 0.15% – 1.0%
Non Wrap 0 – 2.8% 0 – 2.8%

Note: All Fees and charges indicated above are exclusive of GST and subject to the limitations, requirements and conditions of the funds.

*Platform fee: An annual fee charged for the provision of services and/or administration of investment products.

First SGD 100,000 0.15% per annum
Amount excess of SGD 100,000 0%



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